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Open Space, An essential part of Pacifica's Character 

A gathering at Mildred Owen Concert Hall, January 20, 2022

A Program by Pacifica’s Environmental Family

in Collaboration with the Pacifica Historical Society

View the Full Progam

#1:  (1:25) Welcome/Background slides
#2:  (6:48) Introductory remarks by PEF President Cindy Abbott,  including acknowledging the unceded lands of the Ramaytush Ohlone people. 

Footprints of Pacifica #26 | Open Space Part 1

Interviews with John Curtis, Ferd Simon, and Peter Loeb -- all early participant in the efforts at saving Open Space for Pacifica.  In Studio:  Shirley Drye and Julie Lancelle who recall the efforts to Save Sweeny Ridge and Mori Point. (Wave Award Winner)

#4 (5:11)  Summarizing the first video and what to anticipate in the next (1:25) Welcome/Background slides.

Pacifica Open Space Today and
How We Got Here

A historical view of development projects that were not built in the California City of Pacifica.

#6 (5:48) 

Footprints of Pacifica #28

Open Space Part 2

Interviews with Open Space activists: 
Jan Dutton, Ken Miles, Mike Vasey, Clark Natwick.  They recall early concerns,
long struggles and successes.

##8 (17:29) Concluding remarks including comments from Mike Vasey, Ken Miles, Peter Loeb and Julie Lancelle, featured in the videos and attending the presentation. 

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