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Pacifica Against the Sea?

Sunday, March 3, 2024, brought a full house of over 120 attendees to the Pedro Point Firehouse in Pacifica.  "Pacifica Against the Sea?" with author and L.A. Times environmental reporter Rosanna Xia and Dr. Gary Griggs, distinguished professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences & Director, Marine Science Institute, UCSC, was presented by the Pacifica Climate Committee, Pacifica’s Environmental Family, Pacifica Historical Society and the Pedro Point Community Association. 

This program, that focused on the book by Xia, “California Against the Sea, Visions for a Vanishing Coastline” invites the audience to dream and create a new approach that celebrates the dynamic California coast.   What if we stopped trying to hold back a fluctuating and fluid body of water with hard armoring that destroys beaches?  Projects that degradate the environment that over the decades all along the coast have required considerable sums of money, ongoing repair and replacement as they often fail.  What if we allowed the water to retake it’s space and moved away from the shore providing natural protection?  How can we restore parts of Pacifica’s shoreline that has been lost to armoring and development ensuring our beaches and the beauty of nature will be here for future generations to enjoy?  

Can we release fears about personal property and as a community move ahead with a new vision?  Any work in this space will take place over decades, and can be done with respect for those who have been here, are here now and those to come. 

Enjoy the program and dream about what is possible and how we can make it happen.

View the program by clicking the link below.    

Pacifica Against The Sea?

Pacifica Against The Sea?

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For More on Phased Adaptation Planning 

California Coastal Commission Local Government Sea Level Rise Working Group, Dr. Charles Lester presents (beginning at 9:45 am) "Phased Adaptation Planning is Possible"", examples from other places and resource management questions.  

January 27, 2023  

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